A Relaxing Respite

This project was a new construction on a secondary home. The client specifically wanted this space to be a relaxing respite with an inviting arrangement while not overcrowding. Additionally, there was a significant contrast between the views and the cooler tones of the room’s existing hues, so complimenting each without overpowering either was essential.

Location: Redlands, CA

Designer Credits: Michelle Jett

Project Overview:

In this transitional sitting room, sumptuous seating creates an illusion of abundance while conserving space.

The gracefully contoured kidney-shaped sofa and its matching chair, dramatically upholstered in pleated gray velvet, make a bold statement with their soft curves. A dainty crystal table adds a hint of sophistication with its intricately cut edges, perfectly suited for serving refreshments.

Echoing the inviting glow of the fireplace, touches of peach harmonize with a mica-finished table lamp, infusing warmth into the room’s cool palette of gray, silver, and glass accents.

A Relaxing Respite