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Michelle Jett is the owner and principal designer of Decorating Den Interiors in Southern California.  Michelle is an experienced and innovative interior designer offering full-service interior design for residential and commercial interior design.


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Michelle Jett is your local interior designer.

Michelle Jett
Owner/Principal Designer

Michelle Jett transitioned from a successful supply chain career to fulfill her passion for interior design by opening Decorating Den Interiors, offering clients a vast selection of design services and luxury furnishings. Her lifelong love for design, detail, and organization thrives in environments that nurture her creative spirit.

Michelle’s design philosophy centers on the power of a beautiful home to enhance life and the understanding that investing in our homes is a self-investment. She finds profound joy in crafting unique, positive, stress-free spaces that reflect her clients’ personality. Known for her meticulous eye for detail, Michelle has earned a reputation as a trusted advisor and friend.

As an award-winning interior designer in Southern California, Michelle’s love for design dates back to childhood, shaping her career. Her dedication to outstanding customer service and genuine respect for clients mirror principles learned from her previous retailer job. With Michelle Jett, every project embodies passion, beauty, inspiration, and love.

Tara Penton has worked for Michelle Jett for over ten years and is a vital part of the design team at Decorating Den Interiors.

Tara Penton - Design Assistant

Tara Penton is Michelle Jett’s Design Assistant and brings over a decade of experience working alongside Michelle. Her adaptability and refusal to limit herself to one aesthetic allow her to cater to a broad range of design preferences.

She sees good design as an amalgamation of purpose, reason, and emotion – something that everyone should have the opportunity to experience in their homes. Tara thrives in the analytical and creative aspects of her role, which perfectly blend her passions.

Her problem-solving skills and dedication play a crucial role in shaping unique spaces that resonate with clients’ individual tastes. Being a design assistant is both analytical and creative, which just so happen to be two of her favorite things!