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Architectural Digest | March 2022

Check out our living room feature in the March 2022 edition of Architectural Digest.

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Bon Appetit AD Feature

Bon Appètit

Check out our dining room feature in the March 2022 edition of Bon Appètit.

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AD February 2022

Architectural Digest | February 2022

Check out our dining room feature in the February 2022 edition of Architectural Digest.

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A Career Crafted in Interior Design

My passion for design was inspired by my mother, who still positively radiates energy while she is crafting. I feel fortunate that both my mother and my father provided ample space for me to play and create at a young age which helped me cultivate my talent for art and design. Watching my mother lovingly create handmade treasures and get excited about the finished product, I began to fall in love with the design process and the energized feeling from being fully immersed in a creative activity.

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WFH in Comfort and Style

Whether you run your own business or need focus for your job, working from home can pose many challenges. After spending a whole year in your house, you may have noticed just how inefficient, cluttered, or downright boring your home office has become. If the WFH system you initially set up led to jerry-rigged wiring hookups and haphazard filing systems now gone awry—not to mention the mismatched desk and chair—this is a situation that can and must be fixed, and the solution, it turns out, is fairly simple. A functional design strategy will accomplish this goal by not only keeping your coffee cup safely away from your electronics but help you do your job efficiently and with more enjoyment.

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What to Expect in Home Design and Decor

We have seen plenty of lovely home design and home decor trends grace us over the last 12 months, but it’s time to make way for the upcoming style direction for the new year. 2021 is going to be a year for “Coastal, Comfy, and Curvy” features in interior design.  Last Fall’s High Point Home Furnishings Market showed much that fit those characteristics.

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Use These Tips for Arranging Pictures on Your Walls

When you’re trying to figure out where to hang pieces of art on your walls, try putting them on the floor.

That’s a tip from Karen Chemers of Chemers Gallery in Tustin.

Michelle Jett of Decorating Den Interiors in La Verne has a similar strategy. In tip sheets she supplied for this story, she suggests cutting pieces of butcher paper the size of your artwork and taping them on your wall until you get a pleasing result before getting out the hammer, nails, and hooks.

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Decorating Around the Christmas Tree

Adorning your tree with ornaments, lights, and garland is simple, but what about the rest of the space? Before you can rock around the Christmas tree, you need to make sure the rest of the room is decorated to complement it with the power of color, light, and fabric. Here are a few tips for getting the holiday job done yourself and who to call when you need some help.

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Using Natural Products and Textures in Your Home

While colors, accessories, and furniture all add to the style and feel of a space, without interesting textures, the room may still feel a little flat. Natural textures are aesthetically pleasing and make your home unique, here is how you can incorporate them throughout your space.

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