Custom Bedding

Custom bedding offers a unique way to infuse luxury and personalized comfort into your bedroom, presenting a wealth of benefits that go beyond mere aesthetics. It is meticulously crafted to fit your specific bed, enhancing the visual appeal of your bedroom while promising a blissful retreat. There’s an unmatched tranquility in retreating to your dream bedroom, where you can leave behind the day’s stresses, immerse in a good book, or sink into the plush comfort of luxurious fabrics and pillows. Interior designer Michelle Jett specializes in creating such idyllic spaces, from romantic master bedrooms to welcoming guest rooms and creatively themed children’s bedrooms. Remember, we spend a significant chunk of our lives asleep; why not make that time as enjoyable as possible? Allow your bedroom to become your sanctuary — a cherished place where you can relax, unwind, and refresh in an environment uniquely tailored to your tastes and comforts.

Made to Order

With Michelle Jett, you get access to luxury, made-to-order bedding. We take pride in our dedication to original design, high-quality materials, and skilled craftsmanship, establishing a respected reputation in the industry. The custom bedding we offer presents numerous advantages, starting with an exclusive look for your bedroom and an unmatched level of comfort that typical off-the-shelf sets can’t deliver.

One of the key benefits of our custom bedding is the perfect fit it offers. Each piece is crafted according to your exact measurements, ensuring a perfect fit for your bed. Custom bedding also tends to be more durable and longer-lasting than traditional sets, which means your investment is built to last.

Moreover, we offer a wide variety of options in fabrics, colors, patterns, and designs. This means you can truly create a bedroom look that is as unique as you are. For your comfort, custom bedding allows you to select the fabric, fill, and stitching that best suits your needs, enhancing the overall feel of your bed.

Additionally, custom bedding brings a heightened sense of style to your bedroom, creating a truly unique and tailored aesthetic. The advantages of custom bedding go far beyond these. When it comes to creating the perfect ambiance in your bedroom, the possibilities are nearly limitless.

Custom Furniture

With a variety of styles and thousands of fabrics to choose from, adding a custom furniture piece adds another level of luxury to any bedroom. We can make these custom pieces for your master, children’s or guest bedrooms:

  • Headboards
  • Full beds
  • Benches
  • Ottomans

As part of a bedroom design, enjoy a custom headboard upholstered in your choice of fabric. Michelle Jett will also help you add custom draperies, furniture and accessories to complete the design.

Kid's Rooms

The perfect children’s bedroom is a harmonious blend of comfort, creativity, and practicality. It’s a vibrant, safe haven that sparks imagination, fuels learning, and encourages restful sleep.

Decked with playful themes and colors loved by the child, the room is well-organized with ample storage for toys, books, and art supplies. Durable, child-friendly furniture combines functionality and aesthetics, while easy-to-clean surfaces ensure a stress-free maintenance.

This personalized space evolves with the child’s growing interests, providing a nurturing environment that feels like their very own special world. Let Michelle Jett help your child create their dream bedroom!

Teenage Years

Bedrooms for teenagers are a great way to showcase their personality and style. The design should be functional and comfortable, including ample storage space and a study area for schoolwork. Bold colors and patterns can add energy to the room, while soft lighting and cozy textiles create a relaxing atmosphere.

Incorporating personal touches such as photos, posters, and artwork help create a unique and welcoming space. Smart technology, such as built-in speakers and charging stations, can also enhance the room. Ultimately, the perfect teenage bedroom should reflect their individuality and provide a space for rest, relaxation, and creative expression.

Guest Rooms

A well-designed guest room combines comfort, practicality, and aesthetic appeal. It should be inviting and warm, reflecting the hospitality of the host while ensuring the privacy and comfort of the guests. The bed should be plush and inviting, with quality bedding and an array of pillows.

Neutral colors can evoke calmness and relaxation, while thoughtful lighting ensures a cozy atmosphere. Adequate storage space allows guests to unpack and feel at home. Thoughtful touches like fresh flowers, a stack of books, or a carafe of water add to the welcoming ambiance. Essentially, a good guest room design makes guests feel valued and at ease.

To combine an office and guest room, you can opt for flexible, space-saving furniture using a murphy bed or a sleeper sofa that can be easily stowed away when not in use. You can also add attractive shelving or cabinets to store office supplies, keeping the area clutter-free and ready for guests. The goal is to ensure comfort and functionality without sacrificing aesthetic appeal.