A Lighter Look

The client of this Rancho Cucamonga home had grown tired of the outdated style in the primary bedroom. Darker shades of cherry walnut and teal blue created an overpowering heaviness in the room. The client was looking for a softer aesthetic and an updated look that was neither masculine nor feminine. Additionally, to better utilize the available space in the room, the client hoped to add a reading area without disrupting the flow of the necessary furniture.

Location: Rancho Cucamonga

Designer Credits: Michelle Jett

Project Overview:

The bedroom features a transitional design with a monochromatic composition and clean lines. To offset the neutral palette, we chose touches of navy blue for the accent pieces in varying textures.

A pearlescent wallpaper was installed on the feature wall, adding dimension without closing in the room. Sheer panels contribute to a softer look and ensure natural light fills the room while adding additional depth to the walls.

The dressers’ and nightstands’ wire-brushed finishes add an edge to the softer upholstered panel bed and bench. A chair with track arms and tapered legs in the opposing corner of the bed provided the desired reading area while utilizing the most natural light.

Elements of wood, metal, and stone were added to ground the space, balancing the more delicate upholstery pieces.

A Lighter Look