6 Top Tips to Refresh Your Home Fireplace Decor

There’s no interior design item quite like a fireplace to turn a house into a home. For millennia, loved ones have gathered around fires to share meals, tell stories, and bond with each other. Although outdoor fires are strictly for summer barbecues and fire pits these days, people still love to cluster around roaring flames during the colder autumn and winter months. So if you’ve got a fireplace, you know it’s an integral part of your living room’s design and one of the first things your guests (and you) will notice.

Is your fireplace decor looking a bit neglected? Has it been a good few years since you gave it some TLC? If you think it’s time to turn the heat up on your fireplace decor but are unsure how to go about it, you’ve come to the right place! Read on to learn how to refresh your home’s fireplace decor easily without breaking the bank.

Make your fireplace stand out with accents

Unfortunately, once a fireplace is built, there’s only so much you can do with its architecture. Fortunately, the sky’s the limit when choosing decor and other interior design aspects that you can use surrounding the fireplace.

1) Accent walls

One way to spruce up your fireplace decor is to use accents. A sure bet is to use the space behind and around the fireplace as an accent wall. You can paint this area any shade you’d like, as long as it stands out from the rest of the room’s walls. For example, if the living room has primarily neutral tones, why not try a crimson red or bold blue? If you’ve already got colorful walls, give patterned wallpaper a go. Alternatively, faux shiplap, tiled concrete, panels, or layered stones are fabulous ways to revitalize your fireplace decor.

2) Other accent options

Building bookshelves around a fireplace is also a great wall decor choice. Plus, it’ll give you more space for decorative ornaments and trinkets once your fireplace’s mantel is full (more on this later). If you want a modern, almost futuristic approach, play around with the idea of surrounding the fireplace and mantel with a large mirror. It will lend the space an air of fashion-forward style and luxury. Similarly, if you don’t like bright colors, try a three-dimensional textured pattern panel, bare-faced bricks, or natural stone.

The deeper shade and herringbone pattern adds a dramatic dimension to this feature.

If it’s safe to do so, you can turn the wall behind your fireplace into an entertainment center by using cabinets to house a TV screen, DVD player, gaming console, and other pieces of tech. If you’re artistically inclined, hanging a beautiful and striking piece of abstract, impressionist, or expressionist artwork above the fireplace is also a great way to create an accent feature. Alternatively, put up a photograph in an elegant picture frame.

This Impressionist-style artwork enhances the fireplace beautifully.

Choose the right design features for your mantel

Now that you’ve got your fireplace’s overall design, it’s time to decorate the mantel! When it comes to mantel decor, the only limit is your imagination.

3) Candles

Candles are the go-to for many homemakers, and with good reason! The glow of a lit candle perfectly complements that of a roaring fireplace. If you’re a fan of fragrance, choose some beautifully scented pillar candles to place atop your mantel to create a welcoming atmosphere in your living room.

You can choose a scent that perfectly complements your living room’s aesthetic, such as a cinnamon or pumpkin flavor for cozier designs or clean linen and cotton for a more modern and chic interior. If you like an eclectic look, opt for plenty of candles in several different shapes, sizes, and even colors. Or, if you prefer a more minimalist, uniform feel, select a couple of the same candles.

4) Vases and flowers

A fresh bouquet is always a welcome addition to any room where you’ll entertain guests and loved ones. But, again, the type of vase and flowers you pick will depend on your preferences and the living room’s style. We suggest classic transparent glass vases and flowers like roses for a living room with a polished, high-end aesthetic. By contrast, go wild with fun and funky blooms like daisies as fireplace decor in a more laid-back, down-to-earth room.

And remember, your flora doesn’t have to end with flowers: Feel free to select other kinds of greenery like pot plants or even a garland, such as a Christmas wreath, when the season calls for it! If you weren’t born with a green thumb, you could opt for hardy succulents (or even artificial flowers if you struggle to keep plants alive). And, if you were blessed with a knack for caring for plants, you can choose a bonsai tree.

Design your room around your fireplace

The fireplace is almost always a room’s main focal point (usually in the living room). So, you’ll want to choose furniture and decor that enhances and draws attention to the fireplace rather than detracting from it.

5) Revamp your furniture selection

We recommend selecting pieces that complement the fireplace’s aesthetic (as well as that of its mantel decorations). For example, choose chic furniture with clean lines and neutral tones if you’ve chosen a black accent wall with minimalist mantel decor, or go the monochromatic route. For the furniture’s materials, dark wood, metal, and glass are appropriate. This way, you maintain the same simplicity and tastefulness throughout the room.

By contrast, if you’ve gone for a more traditional look with a stone backdrop and plenty of lush greenery, you should carry through that old-world appearance in your furniture. Instead, use plush couches with soft, cozy upholstery in rich shades and furniture made from warm woods.

How to make an older fireplace stand out

Depending on your home’s age, your fireplace might be a little outdated by now. As we mentioned, once the fireplace is built, there’s only so much you can do about its physical design. However, with some DIY, you can welcome it into the 21st century.

6) Renovation and repairs

You’ll need to start by giving it a good, thorough scrub. Then, follow the deep clean with a new coat of paint. Again, it’s a good idea to match this color with the rest of the fireplace decor and living room furniture to ensure a cohesive aesthetic. And, if your fireplace has beautiful engravings, choose a shade that won’t hide those details. A whitewash is particularly well-suited to a brick fireplace.

You can also consider retiling the space around and behind it. You can use this area as an accent feature or keep it simple to blend in with the walls and mantel. There’s also the option of tiling the fireplace’s interior with materials designed to withstand a fire’s heat. Tiling is an unconventional but stunning way of adding some pizzazz to a fireplace that might otherwise appear a bit drab or dilapidated.

Adding a stylish new fireplace screen can also give your fireplace new life. Select one that complements your living room and home decor design. For example, fireballs (ceramic balls that can be used in place of gas logs) are a great contemporary touch for the fireplace.

How Michelle Jett Decorating Den Interiors design services can help you with fireplace decor

Setting about refreshing your fireplace decor can feel overwhelming at times. With so many decorative choices and considerations, you may have too many options, which can be daunting! However, if you can’t land on a decor idea or stick with one design idea, don’t fret because we are ready and waiting to assist you.

After you’ve reached out to us, we’ll arrange a meeting with one of our experienced and reliable consultants. We’ll come to your home and discuss your goals and dream aesthetic. Once we understand what you’re looking for, we’ll create a customized design plan to help you achieve the fireplace decor you’ve always wanted.

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