Fees & Payments

Homeowners often need clarification about how to work with a decorator or interior designer. This Fee Schedule should answer some of your questions:


After we have completed our initial meeting and decided to work together, we’ll discuss a suitable budget and ensure a good understanding of what can be achieved within that budget. Then, based on the size of your project, we may secure a retainer. The retainer is a show of good faith and covers your project’s planning, drawings, and selections. The retainer will be applied to the final payment on completion of your project. The retainer is non-refundable if we do not continue with the purchasing part of the project; however, it covers the design time invested in your project up to that point in time.

Retail based fees

Unlike most interior designers and decorators, we do not charge an hourly fee. Our compensation is derived from the difference between the suggested retail prices established by the manufacturer and the cost of their goods. As a franchise holder, Decorating Den Interiors allows us to purchase directly from manufacturers, which is why we can offer our services without the hourly fee, thus saving you considerably. We take care of procuring your final choices and coordinating the installation. 

Project pricing

Each decorating project we undertake, whether a single room or the whole house, is based on a budget agreed upon before the design process starts. This way, you always know how much you are spending.