Chaise Your Cares Away

A new interior design trend is on the rise, and it’s making a splash: color, color, color. Gone are the designs entirely focused on minimalism and colorless space. Welcome to a new era of bright hues and bold tints.

One excellent method for transitioning more color into your space is through a beautiful chaise lounge, bench, chair, or sectional. The funky forms and often radiant styles can take any room from plain to lively by choosing the proper placement and shade.

You have many options regarding the style and placement of your chaise lounge, bench, chair, or sectional. So which one ignites joy in you?


Choosing the Right Location and Style of Seating

Before picking the perfect seating style, you must decide where the furniture piece will live. It can go in many different areas, but some rooms may work better than others. Here’s some inspiration to get you started on choosing the placement and style:

Make a Reading Nook

What better way to spend your time than to curl up with a good book or magazine? Consider carving out a corner of your room to place a chaise lounge, and accompany it with a tall bookshelf, side table, lamp, throw blanket, and other essential book nook elements. 


Fill an Empty Corner

One of the fabulous things about a chair with an ottoman is that it can fit anywhere in your home. So, for example, a matching set may complete the room if you have a blank space next to a window or beside your fireplace.


Perfect Your Walk-in Closet

Is your master closet looking a bit bleak? Placing a bench in your clothing space can put the finishing touches on the area you pick your outfit out every morning. Make it your designated area for putting on shoes or to comfortably sit while you contemplate what to wear — either way, a sectional can make your walk-in closet extra glamorous.


Add Seating to the End of Your Bed

This bench-style sofa can take on many different forms. Similar to a daybed, this bench seating highlights higher ends on either side while typically being backless. This wide seat can be an excellent addition to a living room or bedroom.


Create an Inviting Living Space

A traditional sectional is the closest chaise lounge version to a sofa. Typically this version has a few short seats with cushioned backs and one long seat to prop your legs and feet up on. This comfortable choice is perfect for a living or family room and is excellent for seating more than one person.


Get Design Assistance From Michelle Jett – Decorating Den Interiors

There are several subcategories of seating within each style, and it’s your decision what works best for your home. Want a French-inspired piece? Contemporary and modern? Curved? Straight? If you’re unsure, maybe it’s time to contact an interior designer for assistance.

Michelle Jett – Decorating Den Interiors can completely transform your space with a chaise lounge, bench, chair, or sectional, in addition to any other design or decor elements you’d like in your home. Once you contact us, we will schedule a free consultation with one of our personal decorators. During this meeting, they will visit with you to assess your home’s style and evaluate how best to bring your dream home to life.

Ready to incorporate colorful furniture pieces into your house? Contact Michelle Jett – Decorating Den Interiors, to get started today!


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